Create or Discover

Create your own hangout or event so others can join you in what you want to do. You can also browse the list of nearby events or live same-day hangouts and join the ones you are interested in.

View Details

On the Discover tabs you can view the time, location, description, and participant list by clicking on the profile of any user.

Share Your Plans Easily

Use the Share button in the top right hand corner to send the hangout or event to your friends.

Track Your Plans

View all the hangouts or you're a part of or events you're planning on attending in the Going tab on the hangouts page and events page.

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Add Friends

Keep in touch with people you meet in hangouts or events by adding them to Your Community to easily DM them later.

Send Private Messages

From your Messages Page or Profile Page you can direct message new friends or create a groupchat with several new friends (coming soon) to make new plans, share photos from a past hangout/event, or just chat!

Find Your Crew

With Hangouts Social you can meet tons of different people through so many different activities. You'll easily find your crew, while doing what you love!

Keep In Touch

Did you go to a concert with someone who likes the same indie band as you? Add them to your favorites and message them next time a similar band is in town!

Create Limited Attendee Events

You can choose the maximum number of people able to join the local events you create.

Create Restricted Events

Create events which people have to request to join. You can choose to accept or decline requests to join your event.

Edit Your Event or Participants

You can edit any part of your event at any time. You can also remove attendees or add them back in if you decide to.

Share Your Events On Any Platform

Share future events with others by DMing them on the app or on other platforms with a like by clicking the Share button in the right hand corner.

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View Hangouts Nearby

At the top of the homepage you can view hangouts happening now near you. You can open users profiles to see who's attending the hangouts.

Activity Suggestions

Not sure what you feel like doing? No problem! There are swipable Suggested Activity Cards in the hangouts homepage such as grab a beer, go to a museum, watch the game, have a picnic.

Become Available

When you have typed in your hangout activity/title click the Become Available button to make your hangout visible to others and allow you to view, browse, and join other peoples' hangouts.

Make A Plan!

Once you join (or create) a hangout, you will chat with others to easily make a plan. Any person in a hangout can edit the hangout title, time, and location. You can use the maps feature to choose a spot to meet.