How does it work?

Think of a hangout as an instant, same-day Meet up event. You simply create a hangout based on what you feel like doing (such as "grab a beer") in order to become available. Once you are available your hangout will be visible to others around you and you will also be able to browse other people's hangouts to see what's going on around you. Join a hangout with other people, forming groups, make any plans in group chat, and meet up and have fun!

What is the maximum number of people who can be in one hangout?

There is no limit on the number of people in one hangout. Some of the best hangouts are ones with 20 or more people getting together. Of course a hangout with 3 or 4 people who really click could also be fun.

I want to use hangouts but don’t have an activity in mind.

No problem at all. There are many cards on the homepage offering a variety of activity ideas you can choose from. You can also use the shuffle button in the top right-hand corner to land on a random card. Once you create a hangout and become available, you can scroll through other users’ hangouts to see if there is a different activity that interests you, or an activity similar to what you created with a large group already assembled.

Do I have to create an activity in order to become available?

Yes, to view the list of open hangouts you must become available, and in order to become available you must create a hangout. If you’re not sure what you want to do, create a hangout for an activity you are sure you wouldn’t mind doing, such as “grab a beer” or “take a stroll in the park,” something that most folks can get behind!

I created a Hangout but change my mind and want to do a different activity.

Simply change the name of your hangout or become unavailable and create a new Hangout. Becoming unavailable will delete your current Hangout or, if there are multiple people in that Hangout already, it will simply remove you from that Hangout and allow the other participants to keep the Hangout alive.

Can I use hangouts to find a date?

Nope! There are plenty of dating apps out there for that. Hangouts is a platonic app that helps people connect with their community and meet new friends in the process. If one of those friends eventually becomes a date, that’s fine. However, we take unwanted sexual advances or aggressive flirtation very seriously. Users are encouraged to report other users who use the app to find dates, either in person at hangouts or in the app.

Someone is flirting with me on the app, what can I do?

It is strictly prohibited to use Hangouts to flirt or find dates. If someone flirts with you either on the app, at a hangout, or event, report the user through the app and block them. We take these reports very seriously, and ban users who are reported more than once for flirting. Hangouts is a space for community and friendship, not dating!

Can I block people?

Yes, you can block people by going to the user’s profile and clicking on the menu in the top right-hand corner and selecting “Block.”

Why does hangouts ask for my location?

Hangouts is a community development app, and in order to connect you with your community, we need to know where you’re located! You won’t be able to access the app and create or browse open hangouts and events unless you share your location. We don’t store your location or sell or share it with anyone else.

Is any of this information public?

None of your information is public. Hangouts Social app content is only accessible to people who are logged into the app, and log in is completed through an https secure portal. We also don’t store your name or phone number. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Is there multilingual support?

Hangouts does not offer multilingual options in-app, but, Hangouts will display in the language of the country in which it is opened, if the user changes the settings of their phone to allow this.

Can I add friends?

Yes, you can add friends on hangouts by opening the participants list of a hangout or event, clicking on the picture of a user, and then clicking the star button on their profile. You can access your list of friends by opening on the menu (...) in the bottom right hand corner and clicking the "Community" button OR by going to your messages page and clicking the green button in the top right hand corner of the screen with the person and star.

Can I change my hangout activity/title after creating a hangout?

Yes, you or anyone else within your hangout can edit the hangout activity/title. This comes in handy when new hangout members are added, and a new activity is decided upon by the group. Similarly, any user can also change the Hangout location or time as well.

How long will my hangout be live?

Hangouts expire after 4 hours of inactivity. If no one in the hangout sends a message for four hours the hangout will be closed and moved to your past hangouts.

Can I use hangouts outside of my hometown? Can I use hangouts when I travel?

Yes, pretty soon you will be able to use Hangouts Social anywhere in the world. You can use hangouts in a town you are new to or a town you are visiting to meet new friends, or people to show you around!

How can I delete my account?

It's easy - click the menu button at the bottom of the screen (...), selecting Account, then Delete Account.

Can I use the app if I'm under the age of 18?

No, it is strictly prohibited to use the app if you are 17 or younger. There are no exceptions. Hangouts, Inc. is not be liable or responsible for minors using the app.

Is my information private? Can people see where I am located?

Hangouts Social allows users to select their own radius just like the large dating apps do. Your location will never be visible to other users, and other users will have no way of knowing where you live or are located. Like the major dating apps, users can only see other users within several miles of them, and will not know exactly how far or close other users are.

Is my data going to be sold?

Hangouts Social does not sell any user data - that is not the purpose of the app. The app was created to bring people together.