The location-based friends and events app

Hangouts creates and strengthens communities by connecting neighbors to one another through shared interests.Whether you're new to a city or just looking to meet more people in your area, Hangouts provides a simple way to link up, same-day.

Hangouts is also a great app to use when traveling, to meet other travelers or locals who can show you a good time in their city!

Hangouts is currently operating in select areas, but will soon expand to be world-wide, which means you can use the app anywhere you go to link up with new people and create new memories! Sign up for our waitlist and we'll email you when Hangouts launches in your city.

What sets Hangouts apart

The Ability to Make Instant Plans

We recognize that there is a need to connect people for spur-of-the-moment gatherings and activities. While sites like Facebook and Meetup offer users the ability to create and join future events, Hangouts is the only app that allows users to create same-day events in real-time, which we conveniently call "Hangouts."

No More Swiping on Pictures to Make Friends

You'll meet new people naturally. We're different from other friend-making apps like Bumble BFF because we are the only friend-making app that is not profile based. People find it very uncomfortable to swipe on pictures while looking for potential friends, so we set out to create a solution to that problem.

Zero Tolerance for Flirting

Hangouts is a strictly platonic friend-making app. Flirting or sexual advances are taken very seriously. Users are encouraged to report people and those who misuse the app will be quickly banned.